How to make the most of your apartment rental

Umhlanga is a popular location for professionals and families to settle down and live. Umhlanga Arch offers the best of everything with convenience a top priority for those who live within. Making sure your investment into Umhlanga Arch is fruitful, we take a look at how you can take advantage of the market and get the best revenue each month.  

Do your research

If you handle your rental independently ensure you do your research or chat to our team at Umhlanga Arch Properties on pricing for your space. Become familiar with the type of tenant you’re targeting and consider the amenities around your rental home. Based off your research you can put together a deposit amount and any specific rules you’d like to put in place for your rental home. Ensure that you discuss this with your occupants so that they are aware of these factors during their stay.


Once you have secured your tenant, it’s time to get prepared. If it is your first time in the rental space, you should consider some of the main items that you need for your rental space. Items like a good quality bed and good linen ensures that you show your guests that you’re willing to go that extra mile. The Umhlanga Arch offers furnishing packages that enable to take the pressure off of you and help make your apartment move in ready. Ensure that all living spaces are clean and well prepared for your new tenants. Our concierge team can assist in arranging cleaning services for you to ensure that these spaces are fresh and tidy. It’s also a good idea to inspect the space and that all lightbulbs, handles and other hardware are in working order – especially if you have had a previous tenant.

Information for your guests

If you are handling the letting process personally you can let your guests know what they can expect at your accommodation. You can provide information such as transportation options, where the closest restaurants are and providing the rules and regulations that they need to follow within the building.

During the holiday

While you may not want to disturb your occupants, it is good to keep in contact with them and make sure things are in order.  A message or quick phone call at a convenient time can go far in building a trusted relationship.

Owning an investment at Umhlanga Arch means that there will always be a demand for apartments. Contact our team to help manage your rental and provide the assistance you need to make this investment a lucrative one.